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Secure surfing and Online security

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Unfortunately, secure surfing is not as easy today as it sounds. Because the internet is so fast developing, privacy for its users has become an afterthought. This is because of the protocol used for most of our online surfing. Visit usergorilla.com before reading this.

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transport Protocol. This language or protocol can be found at the beginning and end of all web requests you make. HTTP stands to represent Hyper Text Transport Protocol. It’s a very simple medium of communication that is also very speedy. This speed is perhaps the internet’s greatest asset and has allowed the web to develop at an amazing pace. It is also extremely fragile and transfers all information in clear, legible ascii text.

Logging all the data for an internet connection should yield a lot of information. Every website, everything that you send and receive, is instantly accessible. This data is transmitted over the internet with an attached IP address, which is your Internet address.

Secure surfing has this problem. All of the information you use on the internet is first and foremost stored in the logs. They are therefore not very secure. The security of logs depends on which ISP you use. But, you can be sure that they are very secure as they contain all your internet surfing data.

Other points where data could be intercepted include logs stored on routers and the websites you visit. These data are all legally recorded and logged, but the information is also attractive to other people – hackers and identity theft – who may use it for their own criminal purposes.

Secure web surfing has become more important for many people who spend a lot of their time online. All the personal data we are unable to control once it has been sent from our computer via a plain text file onto the web is out of our control.

I pay a small fee to use a secure encrypted service that allows me surf the internet anonymously. All communication is encrypted up to US military levels.